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Report on the 2015
Old Man Rabbit Expedition
In Nauvoo Alabama


(Note: Romanticized version by Norm)

On or about 2015-2-7 Colonel Stuart Goldsby formed a company of men to fight a rabbit infestation near the Nauvoo Settlement in the far NW corner of Alabama. The volunteers numbering 17 signed up for a term of service not to exceed one day.

After forming up at base camp the company lit out for the dangerous Nauvoo swamp territory where the rabbits were suspected of operating out of.

When they arrived colonel Stuart assigned two men to guard the conveyances. The rest were force marched several miles through the swamp to an ambuscade area (Nauvoo Swamp Trail) where they formed a line.

The Plan Set In Motion

Back at the embarkation point beaters and dogs were loosed. The plan was to drive the vicious bunnies to the ambush site far back into the dangerous swamp.

After some time a noise was heard by the fidgety line and soon, three hounds popped out to challenge the men standing in the swamp trail by smelling their legs, etc. After a time the scary trackers proceeded past the line which at this point had somewhat bunched up in confusion.

Moment of attack!

Presently, the loud yowling sound of success was observed and ahead of the approaching mastiffs a snarling swamp rabbit could be seen bounding into the well set trap at a fair clip! In a NY minute the beast leapt (probably at the throat) of one of the men who raised his weapon and possibly pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, due to the wetness of the slog into the interior his pan had become dampened, thus the spark found no purchase. The gun probably misfired.

The wily bunny, seeing that it could not possibly escape through the 15 men strong line turned tail and hopped back the way it came!

Nauvoo-Swamp-Trail-400xTreachery by the bunnies

Presently, shooting was heard from the original direction of travel. Fearing the worst the men ran the several miles back to their vehicles which had been hobbled and allowed to graze along the Nauvoo Road. Upon their breathless arrival they learned that the two guards, who had not been out of sight of the grazing vehicle stock had successfully fended off two rabbits, shooting both of them dead.

Mission Accomplished

The mission accomplished the men once again took the reins to proceed back to base. One, however, Corporal Steve of Madison developed a difficulty. His conveyance, though on level dry ground could not get traction. After all on hand gave a mighty shove it did indeed back up into a mud puddle where he was effortlessly able to propel it forward into the next mud puddle where it slid off into the ditch. Please observe the daring photo of the stalled pack train while the men devise a way to exhume it from the puddle swamp.


Finally, extricated once more, corporal Steve led the men in their victorious march back to camp where they had a sumptuous meal of woodland chicken, mashed potatoes with extra gravy, plump fat biscuits, Cole slaw, and lots of beans.

Mustering out, everyone went home. The good folks of the Nauvoo Settlement breathed a sigh of relief!

(Note: Somewhat actual version by Stuart)

Once again this year great thanks must go to Antoine, Prentiss, Bam Bam and the rest of a pack of determined beagle for several races. One of the boys, I believe Wendell’s son got a surprise and a touch of buck fever on a bunny he could have shot. Myron gets the cutoff shirt tail award for a miss while Tony was the one lucky buck who took no mercy. I personally observed him shoot a bunny that literally ran out of a thicket to the middle of an open road, looked left then looked right then looked left again then back right laid down in the road, closed its eyes and said “shoot me Tony, shoot me now”…… and he did. 3 minutes minimum.

We also had to pull one certain somebodies Dodge Ram from a Winston county washing machine. It seemed to just want to woller like a big old hawg. We were all sworn to secrecy but there are pics.

Special thanks goes out to Steve Corvins for hosting on his most beautiful and the most remotest place in Winston Co., which could mean in the state. You could either see for 10 miles or 10 feet, no in between perfect for predator and prey.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and to all of you who did not, you were missed and you missed a good one.