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pastspecialcounstllogoAlabama Hunter Education Association Board Members
and Special Counsels to the District Leaders

►Donald Holman, Special Counsel to Barry Hagan
Donald has been appointed Special Counsel to Barry Hagan**

Special Counsel Donald Holman appointed by Barry Hagan D2 Representative Bio.

I was born in Rockford, Alabama located in Coosa county, where I lived for 18 years.

donaldholman During hunting season my Father and two Uncles would load up our old red bone hound and to the we’d go squirrel hunting. In the spring and summer we’d all load up and head to the water fishing.

I graduated from Coosa County High School in Rockford, Alabama and joined the Army National Guard in Goodwater attending basic training and AIT at Fort Polk, La. Serving a total of 13 years and moved to Fayetteville, Alabama where my wife Brenda and I ,of 39 years, now reside.

I joined the Alabama Hunter Education Association ( AHEA ) in July 2006 becoming very active in teaching an attending other events. In January 2008, I was appointed as D2 Special Counsel by Barry Hagan D2 Representative.

I am a life time member of AHEA, IHEA, NRA, Alabama Gun Collector’s Association, and the Georgia- Alabama Tennessee Pack that’s a C.M.P. affiliated club.
**Each District Representative appoints his own Special Counsel for their district. This person assists the District Rep. with events, classes, and other activities in their District and also attends Board meetings. In the event a Representative can’t attend a Board meeting they serve as Representative for their District at Board meetings with voting rights

►Conner Crumley, Special Counsel to Pam Jackson, District 2

Calhoun County 

Conner CrumleyD2Conner Crumley of Oxford Alabama’s faded student card reads January 15, 1984 and he took the instructor course from James Thornhill not long after. Since then he has gone on to graduate hundreds of greatful students.
Lost to history, probably the early 90’s he was named Instructor of the Year for Alabama.  In 2002 he was Hunter Instructor for the Quarter for the southeastern region of the United States by the IHEA.

Today he describes himself as just a mean old man.

For several years, early on, Conner unofficially coordinated the District 2 Hunter Education effort. In this respect not much has changed, as he’s still the goto guy for the area.
Another interesting thing is that in the 80’s when he was in the Jaycees he made the pilgrimage to Montgomery with others to participate in a mock legislature. He was one of the sponsors of a bill to make Hunter Education mandatory in Alabama. The bill passed, but since it was only a mock legislature it wasn’t official. The results were passed along, however, to the real legislature.

After the Hunter Safety program became mandatory he taught a class for the local Conservation officers so that they could go on to get certified to teach.
Also while a Jaycee, about the same time he became an Alabama Volunteer Hunter Safety teacher he served one year as the coordinator and the next as assistant coordinator for the prestigious Jaycee Shooting Education program for Alabama.

Crumley’s favorite teaching station, as all who have met him at field day events will tell you was tree stand safety. Today, with traditional classes back in fashion, he’s back behind the table teaching it all.

Hunter safety instruction has been a very important aspect of Crumley’s life and he has spent many a pleasant hour doing his part to teach Alabama’s youth how to stay safe. He’s still the goto guy when you need something done as those who know him will testify.