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--Submitted by AHEA member, Norman Morrison
So who is this anyway?

Who is this man and what has he to do with hunting and conservation??!      So, who is this steely-eyed, beknifed gentleman dressed in buckskin and ready for anything that comes his way? Is he some kind of desperado or maybe a mountain man of yore? Further, aside from the nifty armaments, what could he possibly have to do with today's hunting scene?
     It's a slim possibility that you may recognize him, though it's unlikely. One hint that you won't find helpful is that this picture was made in 1885. Another is that prior to this man adopting the great outdoors, he was but a sickly New York City youth born to riches and without much promise.
     Born in 1858, he graduated from Harvard in 1880, married, lost both his wife and mother on the same day in 1884 and moved out west the same year. 
     I have already mentioned that this is him in 1885.  The picture was taken somewhere in North Dakota where he ranched and hunted. He was a voracious hunter, and already in his trophy...possibly method stage by this time. In 1886 he came back east again, though he made frequent trips to the great outdoors all of his life.
Teddy Roosevelt, rough rider, hunter, conservationist...president.     Still, you what? Well...
    The man in question is none other than... Teddy Roosevelt, president of these United States from 1901-1908. He died in his sleep in 1919, but before he did, and after the 1885 picture was taken he did a remarkable thing...
     Using the "Forest Reserves Act"  in 1891, he saw to it that 235 million acres of timberland were set aside as national forests. Although this didn't have much impact on

Alabama at the time, he set the gold standard for all that was to follow as arguably, America's all time leading conservationist. And...he did this at a time when it wasn't fashionable.
     Later he created 16 national monuments, 51 wildlife refuges, and 5 new national parks. In essence, what he did was to remind Americans that our resources aren't infinite and must be guarded. Thanks to forward thinking like his, we're able to enjoy more and better than folks in his day had.
    So, from the past, comes the future of our great outdoors. TR left more than a presidential library. He left a legacy that affects all hunters and conservationists to this very day.

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