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AHEA Fun Articles
Fun articles by our members/not strictly AHEA

  •  Why We Hunt – A Grand Grandkid Story (9/22/2015) - WHY WE HUNT Young Thomas Goes Hunting On Opening Day By Ricky Moss Why do you hunt? When someone asks you why you hunt, what’s your response?  There are most likely as many reasons as there are hunters.  The more years you spend hunting, the more reasons you will have and they will change when […]
  •  Why We Hunt – Thomas Demands A Hunt (9/22/2015) - WHY WE HUNT Part II Thomas Demands To Go Hunting On A Rainy Day By Ricky Moss Why do you hunt? Thomas knows… It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, two weeks before Christmas.  We had not taken Thomas hunting since the afternoon of opening day.  Just after lunch at Nanny’s, he had started asking if […]
  • Fun Articles (9/22/2015) - AHEA Fun Articles Fun articles by our members/not strictly AHEA    
  • Noseeums – Devil Insect From The Bad Place (9/23/2015) - Noseeums are easy to kill… Noseeums, biting midges, insects from beyond the lower inferno…whatever you want to call them, are easy enough to kill. Just smash them with your finger. This is great, if you see one. The problem is that even if you see one, you may not see it. They are that small. […]
  • Slingshot or Flip? – Alabama Hunter Education Association of Volunteer Instructors and Students (9/23/2015) - Picture: Grandaddy Allen Lockridge Have You Ever Shot A Slingshot? By Matt Lockridge It’s tougher than it looks.     Just At a glance, you wouldn’t think that there’s much to it. All you do is put the rock in the pocket and pull it back right?  WRONG!  It takes at least a solid hour of shooting […]