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Hunter Safety Course In Calhoun County Alabama


Alabama Department Of Conservation and Natural Resources Hunter Education Course for Oxford AL, Anniston, AL, Jacksonville AL, Ohatchee AL, and the surrounding area!

A Local Alabama Traditional Hunter Education Course is the best way to get your hunter safety education certification so you can get your hunting license!

This article is aimed at Calhoun County Alabama and the volunteer instructors in particular, but the information is good to go across the state.

In Alabama in order to purchase a hunting license if you were born after August 1, 1977 you must participate in and pass the hunter certification course:

The traditional hunter education course is a minimum 8 hours of instruction plus a written examination. The course is taught by Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries personnel and volunteer instructors to participants 10 years of age and older and is offered free of charge.

In Calhoun County there are two groups that teach the course. One is the Alabama Department Of Conservation and Natural Resources in Jacksonville Alabama, and the other is the at large certified volunteer hunter education instructors. Often one group will help the other.

There are two ways to join in with a class:

  1. Learn when one is being given and sign up.
  2. Contact Conner or Norm via the contact form below. We’ll set up and put on a class for your group any time of the year in and around Calhoun County AL if you’ll guarantee at least 10 participants.

Either way you’ll need to visit the Department’s page to either learn when a course is offered and sign up, or to sign up after a date is set by you and Conner or Norm.

Click here to visit the Alabama Department Of Conservation and Natural Resources hunter safety course database. Search for Calhoun County or your area. Be sure to sign up for the course you want.

Conner CrumleyD2Conner Crumley and Norman Morrison have been working with the Department as volunteer hunting safety instructors since 1984. Both are past recipients of the Hunter Safety Instructor of the Year Award from both the Alabama Hunter EducationNormSpecialCounsel Association and the Alabama Wildlife Federation.

Often when the Department hosts classes in and around Calhoun County AL they help us and vice versa. A highlight of our classes is when our local Conservation officer teaches a section. Afterwards it’s a great time to ask them regulation questions. They are wonderful guys and GREAT role models for our youth. For all hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

So, why should you want to do a traditional hunter safety course when it’s easier and quicker to do it online?

Obviously you must be curious, else you would not still be reading. Volunteer instructors statewide pretty much agree that local hands on one on one is best. If you liken it to getting a license to fly a jet plane, who would you rather get your training from? Licensed flying pilots or a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator that you can purchase from Amazon cheap? Both the local and computer courses teach from the same handbook, but we think local offers a better solution.

Your local hunter education course is free whereas the online version is not. However, assuming you can afford to go online, you should not let that fact determine your choice. Here are a few compelling reasons to consider going local…

Local Hunter Education Certification Class is more fun!

The local hunter ed course is more fun and gives life long memorable results. We think it’s obvious that the student of the local hands on training will come away with more than a certificate. Actually, we really do know this because from time to time we run across a student from years or even decades ago that thank us. How often have you thanked a computer program?

Our local traditional classes are always hands on. For example we have access to a pull along trailer full of disabled firearms and other hunting equipment so the student can get the feel. We always urge our students to familiarize themselves with the things we use as safety conscious sportsmen and sportswomen. We use these things as hands on real life teaching aids.

While much of the traditional is about firearms safety, as much or more is about all phases of wildlife identification, care, survival, field first aid. etc. We supplement the free safety course material and book (which is a darned good reference to keep on the shelf afterwards) with our own experiences. We also urge our older pupils to relate theirs. The instructors always come away with more information than they bring because our courses are often two way exchanges. Everyone learns when they attend one of our hunter education courses in Calhoun County Alabama!

Most pupils are kids but everyone is welcome and urged to attend. (Even if you are already certified. The more the better!)

Most of our pupils are children. The base age is 10. However, we love to have parents and brothers, sisters, and friends at our classes. Even if they are too young or don’t really intend to go hunting, our classes are wonderfully fun and informative. Just because an attendee isn’t angling for a certification for one reason or the other, just learning about our Alabama hunting and wildlife experience is a blessing.

When you go local…(Yes, Conner and Norm are prejudiced that you should always choose a local traditional hunter ed class) it’s always hands on and full bore learning fun.

Suggestions on how to get up a group of fired up students!

Regarding the offer to set up and host a class, we (Local instructor Conner and Norm) do set a minimum of ten. After all, we are volunteers. However, don’t let that stop you from contacting us. It’s pretty easy to find ten fired up kids and more if you think about it.

  • Scout group. A plus is that Scouts get badges plus their certification.
  • Church group. Host a fired up program at your church.
  • Hunting clubs. Older members will enjoy sitting in with younger ones.
  • Sporting goods shops. Talk it up with your favorite store. Work something up.
  • Schools: Many schools around the state have classes. Not so much in Calhoun County. We’ll be more than happy to discuss it if you’ll get us an invite. In the meantime while we’re not affiliated with the local schools right now, kids can always get up a group of other kids so we can set up something outside of school time.
  • Other groups. Most everyone is a member of something. Surprise us!

Keep in mind that our classes are about other things than firearms. When we delve into wildlife, it’s about our wildlife. Critters that we have experience with locally.

  • Squirrels
  • Dove
  • Rabbit
  • Deer
  • Hogs
  • Coyotes, skunks, chipmunks, beaver, bear, opossum, possum on the half shell (armadillo)

If you need to know about alligators, we’ll teach about that too! Not so much on prairie dogs or polar bears. We have many many resources.

Now, for larger groups. Should the possibility arise that your group would like and can help us, we would be happy to discuss rolling in a field day. That’s where we give instruction using live weapons like .22’s and shotguns. The Department has two men who do nothing but this sort of thing and they would LOVE to get a call from us to say we have an availability.

Best course structure tips:

Our preferred teaching times are three hour classes on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. The test will be on Thursday. Our goal is to PASS our students.

Or, we could schedule a full Saturday, particularly if a field day is in the mix. But, we’re flexible. We’ll work with you for the best times as long as we hit our minimum 8 hours in a week. We have had some really super, fun, and imaginative classes in the past. We need your help to make the next memories.

And it’s all free and good. The point is we’re game if you are. All we need is to hear from you. Step up and let’s get up a really neat and fun Alabama Hunter Education Certification Course right here in good old Calhoun County Alabama. We’ll make great memories for a lifetime! We’ll make safe hunters for a lifetime, and we’ll make great outdoor sportsment too!

IMGP1583PS… Wherever you are in Alabama, there are local Hunter Education Volunteer Instructors who want to hear from you!

PS… Again, we’re concentrating on Calhoun County Alabama here, but do be advised, there are many great volunteer hunter safety instructors elsewhere around Alabama who would be equally as happy if you would get with them in your locale. We know they are great. We have met most of them over the years. Contact the Alabama DCNR to locate your local guys. Contact them!


Interested in working with us (Conner and Norm) for a local Hunter Education Certification Class in Calhoun County Alabama? Let us hear from you. Be sure to tell us your idea and give us all your contact info with best times. We’ll get back with you soonest!

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