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Alabama Hunter Education Association Announcement

--Submitted by AHEA member, Johnny Gottler
IBEP Roundup Article and Report! 
International Bowhunter Education Program

Feb.22/23, 2008

Dateline: Feb. 22/23,2008
Glencoe, Al.
Alabama IBEP Course.
Sponsored by the Bowhunters of Alabama, Inc.
Ron Gray, BHA VP.

     A good International Bowhunter Education Program course was held in Glencoe, Al. Many thanks to Ron Gray, BHA. VP, for hosting and setting up the course.
It was a small class, but I think everyone, new and experienced to Bow Hunting. Learned a few new tricks.
Fri. night started off with Phillip Murphy giving an Introduction to Bowhunting. Phillip is the sec/trea. For the BHA, Inc. As always Phillip gave a grand introduction into the hows and whys of Bowhunting.
     Next Stuart Goldsby of the Alabama Conservation Dept, covered some of the ins and outs of Wildlife Conservation. He also showed a couple of “eye opening” videos, about some of the “Canned” type hunts, and high fence hunts. For anyone who had not been exposed to this type of hunting, some of us were shocked and taken aback, by some of the techniques used. It was an awesome presentation.
     Larry McAfee, Editor for the BHA, gave a short course on Safe and Responsible Bowhunting. Larry, an avid bow hunter for many years, brought a personal perspective into the course. He explained and gave examples of good, safe, and responsible, bow hunting. Larry covered the subject in a way that only experience can supply.
DuWain Brundage, of the AHEA, took on the challenge of explaining the types and differences of the bow and arrow. He had examples of each type for the students to examine. There was also a collection of different type of arrow points for the students to look at and examine.
     Sat. morning started off with Mr. Gray providing doughnuts and coffee. Everyone stood around for a few minutes and compared notes on their hunting experiences.
Hal Swartz and Bill Kerlin both of AHEA, gave an excellent presentation on Preparation Before the Hunt and Use of Stands, blinds and other Bow hunting Techniques. They brought many years of teaching and hunting experience to share. Later on after lunch they showed the proper use of tree stands, safety harness, and bow hunting safety systems.
     Gary Suckow, of AHEA, gave and entertaining course on shot placement and Recovery Techniques. Gary kept students on the edge of their seats, with descriptions of hunts for Elk and other big game. Also after lunch Gary had a hands on blood trail, for the students to learn about tracking of wounded game, and how to go about the recovery of downed game.
     Tim Newell, of the Al. IBEP Instructors, showed up just in time to give a short program on being Prepared for the Outdoors. Tim brings years of hunting and outdoor skills to the class. He showed how to use topo maps and explained a bit of how to use a compass. He also told of what is needed to carry in a survival pack. This is a small pack that should be carried, every time one goes afield.
     All Instructors and students have my thanks, for taking out part of your weekend to help make this course successful. The way to make sure we always have Safe Responsible Bowhunting is thru Education. Without dedicated Instructors this and other Hunter Ed. Programs would not be possible.
Thanks Again,
Johnny Gottler
Director Al. IBEP /BHA,Inc.


Pics from top to bottom: 
Larry McAfee, Hal Swartz, Bill Kerlin, Gary Suckow
Tim Newell, Treestand Safety Demo

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