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How You Can Help and Why You Should Help With Our (YOUR) Website

A couple of weeks ago (my time in September 2015) our old website died. Suffice to say that heroic efforts to save it might have saved it in some form, but I pulled the plug. Poof!

The next thing was to build a version two site. This was accomplished with much gnashing of teeth and colorful language.

aheachatOur current site, built on the WordPress framework is exceptionally modern.

Works on all devices. All the latest doodads, whizmonics, and geewhizzers. A limitless supply of all the free upgrades to do anything we want.

However, a website, however pleasing to the eye and easily updated, etc., is only as good as the material contained therein.

In the past many entreaties to the membership have been made to contribute to the site. The fact is that in the last dozen years I can’t count one instance of a contribution from the general membership. Zip. A couple of the officers stepped up once, long ago.

In a way, spending 60 hours moving the old site to the new one was kind of pointless if the power of the thing is not exploited.

Just like you, I’m a volunteer. I happen to like making pages. This is true. But I don’t like making pointless pages.

The thing that you can’t know because you don’t have access to the user stats is that while AHEA members rarely visit…our site gets a slew of hits from outside our club. Folks come here all the time. In particular, they visit because Google sends them here when they make inquiry about signing up for the Traditional classes. This is a big, major, monster reason why maintaining a good site is not pointless.

After they get what they want, some go on to peruse the site. My point is…why not give them more interesting and fun things to see, read, watch, and learn from?

Just visit the CONTACT page and tell me you have stuff.

To date most of the information on YOUR website has magicked itself online with the help of the webmaster and Ricky Moss. I’m saying, possibly for the last time in writing that YOU need to step up and contribute to YOUR site as well. It has never been easier!

Things you might want to send along….

  • Bragging reports and photos from your latest classes
  • Needs for your program
  • Photos and videos of your Hunter Education pursuits.
  • Information and photos of an upcoming class in a nice post that you can send local folks to see.

Especially the last. Photos and videos. Some of you people don’t like to read….but will watch a video or look at a slideshow. Everyone likes to see themselves and their stuff walking around or sitting around on video and pictures. I always tell my fellow volunteers to send their stuff. Sometimes they know I know they have stuff because I see them taking pictures. And yet…I have NEVER gotten stuff.

So, c’mon. Get behind the site. Do it for yourself. Do it for the cause. Lots of eyes, even if it isn’t us, see this site. Sit down in your seat and shoot me electrons.

And lastly…One more thing. Every so often  I tell anyone who will listen that we need a Facebook presence. I have had everything from crickets to outright laughter and sullen glares. Many are prideful that they don’t use Facebook. Some modern types even say that Facebook is old news. Well, I’m still stuck in the Facebook days. Ok?

Hey, guess what? I don’t sit around pecking on my phone all day either like some Facebook deniers do. Seen it. Wondered at it. I hate phones. So don’t get in my face about Facebook. Heh heh. I’m not a strict fan of it either, but it is useful for our purposes.

Therefore, if you use FB, and know FB, step up with a FB Group for the club. Get with me and let’s talk about it. Especially with the new site it’s easier than ever to roll in FB with this build! I need a volunteer. I”d do it myself but I want to give you the chance to do the right thing. Good deed, and all that.

My comments are my own. I didn’t run it by anyone before publishing. Bad me! I’m just an old webmaster, after all. Sot in my ways.

Hey, this new fangled version of our site offers MANY opportunities for members to get involved. Just ask me. I’m happy to explain.